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Families of the Shield, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was the brainchild of a retired Melbourne Police Officer, in efforts to garner support and raise public awareness for police officers killed or injured in the line of duty or meeting the needs of their family members, as well as assisting other First Responders and our community members in today’s most troubling and difficult times. It was in January 2010, the long-lived vision became a reality and Families of the Shield, Inc., was born. Whether its financial or other monetary valued items or emotional support, we are here to help. If you would like to financially show your support for this most outstanding and noble cause, please select our "DONATE" online link above. Thank you for your most generous and appreciated contribution.



ABOUT US                                                MISSION

“The Families of the Shield Inc., a broad-based collaborative community initiative, assists law enforcement officers, their family members, while addressing other community needs. The very core goals of this organization is to aid those who are in dire need of financial, emotional and other support services, in efforts to add stability to those who seek our assistance, in their time of need. Families of the Shield Inc. shall work diligently with all community members, building a nation-wide networking system that shall incorporate programs that generate great community interest and educate those who seek to learn ways to help themselves and achieve economic self-sufficiency through empowerment skills and other supportive measures.

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